I believe a painting must “tell a story”, one that is satisfying to the creator and engaging to the viewer. I love painting Africa! Its wildlife, birds and sun drenched landscape.

In recent times my art has focused increasingly on the plight of the African elephant, especially the way in which the ‘big tuskers’ of Africa have been systematically exterminated by poaching. Not only are we loosing these magnificent 50 year old animals but their vibrant gene pool as well. Their future does not look bright. I think my passion for these animals goes back to the 1970’s when I came face to face with the bull “Shawu” in the Kruger Park. He was one of the few that died by natural causes in 1982. My art has become a statement that focuses attention on these magnificent animals.

I have a graphic arts background and underlining all my work is the ability to draw well. Being a realist at heart I am able to identifying, portray and name each of these elephants that I paint. In so doing, I hope, in my own limited way to create a little more awareness of the challenges that confront us. Throughout the ages, artists have been the conscience of society. Today we live in a global community and we all have a responsibility to do our part. That is what I strive for in and through my art.

At the end of the day I believe my art to be an expression of my passion for life. All life.